Undergraduate Programs / Overview





Our undergraduate programs, each with different program requirements, are based on and are fully compatible with the established European and American educational systems. The European guidelines for higher education are outlined in the Bologna agreements. Some programs require or allow students to choose a major and/or minor, a primary and secondary specialization during undergraduate studies. Once a minimum number of credits has been earned, a request for graduation can be submitted. Not all programs are offered at all campuses. Refer to the program schedule for further details.



This program allows students who are 17 or older and who have completed less than 12 years of formal education to earn up to an additional 60 credits in undergraduate courses in order to qualify for admission in our undergraduate degree programs. Refer to the undergraduate admission requirements for further details.

This program is a top-up program that allows students to transfer more than 120 credits earned from other institutions and earn only the remaining number of credits to reach 180, the equivalent of a Bachelor degree, in order to qualify for admission in our graduate programs. Refer to the graduate admission requirements for further details.

Credits earned with one or more modular courses can be counted towards a certificate or degree.


Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors (for BA programs only)